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  • This drama is thàt humdrum that during watching I could spend quite some time reflecting on the hardly credible casting. Ewald Balser, a very good actor but not really a playboy-type, is miscast as the philandering husband. Lil Dagover, the lady of German cinema and the main reason to watch this film, and Eugen Klõpfer are both of the same age (52); she plays the daughter of Klõpfer!. Let's assume Dagover is playing a woman more or less the age of Balser (43); thèn, although she is still very beautiful, there is the problem that she looks over 50. That is why it is also not credible that Viktor Staal - in his thirties - falls in love with her (unless he has a fetish for older women). You may figure the rest out for yourself, if you want to.

    By the way, Hans Brausewetter, in a supporting role, is not credited; had he been naughty again in the eyes of Goebbels?