• Where Was I?
    (1939) (uncredited)
    Music by W. Franke Harling
    Lyrics by Al Dubin
    Played during the opening credits
    Also played on piano when Dan and Joan break their glasses
    Played often in the score and sung by the Hawaiian band
  • If I Had My Way
    (1914) (uncredited)
    Music by James Kendis
    Lyrics by Lou Klein
    Sung by those in the Hong Kong saloon
  • Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear
    (1932) (uncredited)
    Written by Milton Ager, Al Goodhart, Al Hoffman and Edward G. Nelson
    Played on piano when Dan and Joan first meet
  • On San Francisco Bay
    (1906) (uncredited)
    Music by Gertrude Hoffman
    Played on the piano when Dan is being arrested
  • Love Me, and the World Is Mine
    (1906) (uncredited)
    Music by Ernest Ball
    Lyrics by Dave Reed Jr.
    Sung by Eric Blore while in the bathtub
  • Aloha Oe
    (1908) (uncredited)
    Written by Queen Liliuokalani
    Played and sung as the ship arrives in and later leaves Honolulu
  • Auld Lang Syne
    Traditional Scottish 17th century music
    Played the last night on board and during the New Year's Eve bash
  • The Japanese Sandman
    (1920) (uncredited)
    Music by Richard A. Whiting
    Played prior to and when Steve and Liz are out on deck talking
  • It Had to Be You
    (1924) (uncredited)
    Music by Isham Jones
    Played when Steve and Liz are out on deck talking
  • Apple Blossoms and Chapel Bells
    (1939) (uncredited)
    Music by Al Hoffman and Walter Kent
    Played when Harold and the Countess walk from the deck into the casino
    Continued through the Horse Race game
  • The Sky Fell Down
    (1939) (uncredited)
    Music by Louis Alter
    Played when Rocky sits down with the Countess to discuss Dan
  • Rhythm of the Waves
    (1939) (uncredited)
    Written by Sam Koki and Daniel Kalauawa Stewart
    Played when Harold asks the bartender about his wallet
    Also played when the Countess prepares the pills for Steve
  • Song of the Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii)
    (1915) (uncredited)
    Written by Charles E. King
    Sung when Joan leaves the ship to wait for Dan
    Continued when Steve and the Countess are in the stateroom
    Also sung when Joan and Dan drive back to the ship
  • Make Love with a Guitar
    (1940) (uncredited)
    Music by María Grever
    Played when Dan puts Joan back to bed in her stateroom
  • King's Serenade
    Written by Charles E. King
    Played and sung when Dan carries Joan back on board the ship