[Describing The Carson City Kid]

Stage Driver: He's tougher than an old sow's nose.

Townsman looking at reward poster: I saw a big reward sign go up in Hangtown once. Shucks, they brought in sixteen corpses the first week... and there wasn't any of 'em that even looked like the fella!

Lee Jessup: We're getting a posse together. We'll stop him before he gets started!

Marshal Gabby Whitaker: You ain't gonna hang nobody without a fair trial!

Lee Jessup: Trial? What for?

Marshal Gabby Whitaker: This place ain't gonna get no Hangtown reputation.

Marshal Gabby Whitaker: I bet your head feels bigger than an overgrown pumpkin.

Scott 'Arizona' Warren: Oh, it does.

Marshal Gabby Whitaker: I got just the cure for it - an injun remedy. Chief Sitting Bull himself gave me the recipe for learning him how to follow a trail. It cures aches, pains, bunions, calluses, galloping consumption and the seven year itch.

[Roy has just rescued the lovely young Joby from a drunken admirer]

Roy Rogers, posing as The Carson City Kid: I was going to ask you to have a drink, but that's the same mistake the other fellow made.

Joby Madison: Oh, I quit drinking 30, 40 years ago. I guess I'm getting old. I don't even like my pipe anymore.