Lylah Sanford: You have just proven you can still do the right thing.

Capt. Donald Mason: It'll probably be the last time I'll ever be fool enough to do it.

Capt. Donald Mason: You know, in Mexico, they have a way of sparing prisoners of all that. When a fellow is gonna be executed, they give a chance to run for it... and shoot him when he's trying to escape. Ley de Fuga they call it, I think.

Lt. Jerry Burke: I know - the law of flight.

Gabby: Doggone it! There's another good man gone and got himself roped and hogtied in spite of my warnings!

Etta Mae: Men are all alike. They can't be trusted - none of 'em!

Gabby: You know, the further west you go, the more dangerous it gets.