Dr. Paul Carruthers: Now, rub it on the tender part of your neck.

Tommy: [trying the lotion] That feels great... very soothing.

Dr. Paul Carruthers: I don't think you'll ever use anything else.

Henry Morton: You're a dreamer, Doc. Too much money is bad for dreamers.

Dr. Paul Carruthers: So you tried to pay me in flattery, telling me that I'm a dreamer. Well... I *do* dream - dreams that you would *never* guess.

Reporter Johnny Layton: [to Dr. Paul Carruthers] Not so funny when it's your own jugular vein that's in danger. Is it, doc?

[after listening to a scientist's theory on the radio]

Dr. Paul Carruthers: [thick Hungarian accent] Imbecile! Bombastic ignoramus!

Roy Heath: Goodnight, Dr. Carruthers!

Dr. Paul Carruthers: Gooooodbye, Roy.

'One-Shot' McGuire: I'm not feeling too hot, would you take my temperature?

Dr. Paul Carruthers: You are perfectly alright.

'One-Shot' McGuire: Oh yeah? Well you should see my tongue, it looks just like a squirrel's tail!

Dr. Paul Carruthers: I tell you, Layton, expecting a bat to be attracted by the scent of a lotion is all foolishness.

Editor Joe McGinty: Say, have you ever had a date with a girl?

Reporter Johnny Layton: A girl? Oh, yes, a girl. I believe I did take a girl out once.

Henry Morton: Dr. Carruthers, you can't pretend that you can control man's fate.

Dr. Paul Carruthers: I've already proven it, *three* times.

Reporter Johnny Layton: A bat's not a bird, it's a mammal.