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  • If you're a fan of BELA LUGOSI you'll get a kick out of his sinister role here as a scientist who is bent on getting revenge because he never got his full share of the profits on his inventions.

    Given the low-budget look and tacky special effects (a live bat appears in close-ups only), the modest little thriller entertains even though it doesn't quite provide the shudders intended. Still, if you're in a Halloween mood, you might want to sit through this at least once.

    Interesting to note Dave O'Brien in the role of Johnny Layton. O'Brien is familiar to me because of all the Pete Smith Specialties he starred in during the '40s and which TCM has been running frequently. Others will recall him in a bunch of westerns he made at poverty row studios. At any rate, he gives the only really professional performance in the film aside from Bela who seems to relish his role as the mad scientist. Most of the acting among supporting players is on the less than credible side.

    Also interesting to note that O'Brien was a very versatile man who acted, directed and wrote throughout a prolific career that began in the 1930s--with over a hundred films to his credit. He was my main reason for enjoying THE DEVIL BAT.
  • Bela Lugosi will always be remembered as one of the greatest horror stars of all time for 'Dracula'. Less than ten years later he was forced to star in third rate material like 'The Devil Bat'. He had supporting roles in a couple of good movies like 'The Wolf Man' (with Lon Chaney and Claude Rains) and 'The Body Snatcher' (with Karloff) after this, but for the most part his career was in severe decline, culminating in the awful (but awfully entertaining) movies he made with Ed Wood, Jr. ('Glen Or Glenda', 'Bride Of The Monster' and very briefly, 'Plan 9 From Outer Space') 'The Devil Bat' is b-grade all the way, with a lousy script, uninspired direction, a ridiculous looking "devil bat", and a forgettable supporting cast, led by 'Reefer Madness' Dave O'Brien. The only reason to watch this is Lugosi. Sometimes he seems to be actually trying, at others he hams it up. Either way he's great to watch. He plays a scientist who works for a hugely successful perfume company. In his laboratory he experiments on a bat with electricity which makes it grow very large, and that, combined with his new aftershave which contains a Tibetan scent which enrages the bat(!), becomes his method or vengeance on his employers. You think I'm making this up, don't you? Look, this is a silly movie, but if you're a Lugosi fan you'll have fun.
  • metaldams17 August 2003
    It's got a big furry bat on a string whose face mysteriously moves only during close-ups. Stock footage, perhaps? Why certainly. Are all bats attracted to the scent of killer perfume? Absolutely not, but The Devil Bat is! I can understand some of the bad reviews, as this type of cheaply made horror film is not for everyone, but if you're the type of person who enjoys Ed Wood type movies, then The Devil Bat is the heavenly hell you are looking for. This film is also notable for having Bela Lugosi in it. Bela has performed in several cheapo movies like this in his career, (many say The Devil Bat was the beginning of this phase), but he always puts on an a-picture performance in a z-picture product. Bela appropriately hams it up, alternately making dramatic pauses and facial contortions to either dramatic or comedic effect. Well, what are you people still doing here? I have said what needs to be said.

    My 10 rating is for entertainment value, not great film-making.

    Goodbye, IMDb readers.....................
  • Warning: Spoilers
    All too often, in his career, Bela Lugosi was expected to carry a film all by himself with little or no help from other actors, the director, the script or special effects. The Devil Bat (1941) is such a movie. The sets are cheap, the script is hokey and the "devil bat" itself is laughably lame (a screeching bird-like creature -- as fake as they come) . And yet as he always does, Bela makes the movie entertaining. He plays one of his many mad scientists -- this one a (believe it or not) perfume maker who was monetarily wronged by his partners, now millionaires. These ungrateful boobs rub this in a little too much and so Lugosi creates a giant bat (as perfume makers are so good at doing) that will strike at anyone wearing a certain scent. Predictably the mad doctor ends up wearing his own scent and is killed by the devil bat -- but not before he gets his revenge on several of these boring unknown actors who deserve to die. As expected, Lugosi makes the character interesting, complex and even sympathetic -- and yet also fearsome as he tells each of his victims, "goodbye" after they try on his new fragrance. This movie has some of the most hackneyed character acting you have ever seen -- and yet Bela never stops giving it all he's got to make this movie a success -- which is more than the movie deserves!

    Still, for the Bela Lugosi fan, this movie is pleasurable as you watch what one great and talented actor can do in one bad movie. One is left wondering how a Tom Cruise or Will Smith would fare in such a weak vehicle. But Bela -- ever the artist -- rises above it and gives a performance that can be enjoyed in spite of its trappings.

    That's acting!
  • If you like B-Movie cheese...this film is for you! I love this flick. Sure it's not Citizen Kane. But it never said it was. Bela is excellent. He always took his roles so serious. And that's why he's so good in these types of goofball films. If your a fan of DVD Extras, you will love this one. The commentary features Bela Lugosi, Jr. And Numerous Lugosi movie trailers. Well worth checking out! 5 out of 5 stars. GOOD STUFF!!
  • I've seen this many times since my childhood. Probably a few dozen times... Yet, every once in a while, I'll take out my best video copy of it, and play it again. When it was screened on TCM last Halloween I was pleased as punch.

    -- By the way, on that Halloween, TCM screened several other Lugosi low-budget films--- all considered bad by critics, but for some unexplainable reason, All very entertaining, and (dare I say it?) ALL were GREAT FUN to watch! (some of them were: "Scared to Death", "The Mysterious Mr. Wong", and "White Zombie").

    -- Yes, I enjoyed "The Devil Bat". Another commenter on this film said it was so awful that it should be counted among the "100 worst films". That same commenter said he thought Lugosi only did "bad" films for Ed Wood.

    I have news for him, and everyone else: Lugosi NEVER made any bad films!

    "The Devil Bat" may be low-budget nonsense (as were Ed Wood's efforts), but it is still being discovered by new generations of film buffs. It's still "In-Print" in both VHS and DVD format (and still selling), and it's still being shown on both local and cable-network TV.

    That commenter may be interested to know that Bela Lugosi made NINE low-budget films for Monogram (far more than he made for Ed Wood) as well as films for PRC and other poverty-row studios.

    "The Devil Bat" may be tripe, but it's GOOD tripe, and it makes for fun viewing. Kind of like "Spooks Run Wild" (which Lugosi made with The East Side Kids), and "The Gorilla" (which he made at 20th/Fox, with Patsy Kelly and Lionel Atwill). --By the way-- The Ritz Brothers, who were billed as the 'stars' of "The Gorilla," turned in totally forgettable performances.

    -- Let's not leave out "Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla", or "Vampire Over London" which Lugosi made in England, with Arthur Lucan in drag as Mother Riley (also known as: "Mother Riley Meets the Vampire").

    -- In fact, Arthur Lucan's entire late-1940's-to-early-1950's series of "Mother Riley" films (all of which starred Lucan in "old-lady" drag) could have taught Ed Wood a few things about low-budget film-making.

    Ed Wood may have a well deserved reputation for having made "bad, but fun to watch" films, but he sure wasn't the first one to do it.

    I've always liked "The Devil Bat". I rated it 6.
  • I always watch this Lugosi classic with affection, and I don't agree with its detractors. Here's another bit of harmless detective drama, unusual in the fact that the law teams up with reporters to solve a mystery (imagine that today). Inexpensively made to be sure, and with a sound track that turned up in later thrillers, "Devil Bat" is subtle humor mixed with the obvious. Is there any doubt as to the outcome? Dave O'Brien and Donald Kerr are delightful as the reporter-photographer team, respectively, and the casting is on the money. Except the big mystery for me is that the coroner shows up in the credits but not in the film! Go figure.
  • All is not well in Heathville, the town where cosmetic magnates live off the wealth and riches made from the purchase of a cold cream formula from benevolent scientist Dr. Carruthers. Or is Dr. Carruthers as nice as he seems? Maybe, while others sleep, he experiments with bats and somehow comes up with some huge bat that kills people that have used a specially formulated cologne or aftershave. Such is the premise of The Devil Bat, with the addition of a couple wise-cracking, no-acting newspaper men thrown in for extra measure. The film was one of those Poverty Row features made by Bela Lugosi in the forties, and if anything, it is fun to watch. But that does not mean it is good. Lugosi hams up his scenes with outrageous speeches and the usual flair only he can give. The rest of the cast is very unspectacular as is the script, the special effects, the budget, and the direction. Speaking of direction, this film WAS directed by the man who would later bring us Hillbillys in a Haunted House. Enough said!
  • This a good film! Good plot, and acted well by the entire cast. "The Devil Bat" is one of those films I have found myself watching several times. It's that good. Perhaps other reviewers are expecting "Gone With The Wind", which this certainly is not. However, despite coming from one of the "poverty row" studios, this is a film worth watching. "The Devil Bat" a must see for all Bela Lugosi fans!
  • I diagree with the detractors of this film. Certainly the budget and therefore the special effects, were indeed limited. But, the storey is reasonabley original and the script reads well. Lagosi gives great conviction to his role and this was particularly remarkable considering the state of his career and personal life at the time. I love the scene in which he has convinced "Bob" (one of the scions of the owners of the cosmetic company that cheated Dr. Caruthers)to put on the fatal after shave lotion. Bob, wishes Dr.Caruthers a good night, Bella sighs deeply then gravely replies,"Good by Bob". He sort of regrets the unpleasant neccesity of unleashing one his giant creations to hunt down the innocent Bob. The other evening was watching bats flitting around at dusk. Naturely I thought emmediatley of old Doc Caruthers. Any film that leaves such an impression must be pretty good.
  • One of Lugosi's best movies from his low-budget PRC and Monogram years. Lugosi is an inventor who creates an after-shave lotion that attracts giant "Killer Bat's" that he has created to kill off his enemyies! I bought this one along with "The Invisible Ghost" (another low-budget Lugosi romp) and was very pleased. Devil Bat is a very entertaining movie and has many fine points,including some very cool shots of giant bats attacking people and soaring out of an attic window. As well as a very impressive laboratory set. I have heard many many people bad mouth this movie and even heard some say "worse than an Ed Wood movie"! Watch this movie along with one of Karloffs "worst" films or any Ed Wood vid and you will see that even on his way down the movie scale that Bela Lugosi's magnetic presence could have even made "Die Monster Die" or "Night of the Ghouls" a good viewing experience!

    After several viewings this leads me to conclude that those "Devil Bat" haters out there have never even seen the film itself,only read bad reviews and pre-judging from the very B-movie title. Trust me, this movie is well worth any real Lugosi fans time.
  • Entertaining Poverty Row cheapie starring Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi, as a scientist who uses mutated bats to get revenge on the people who have made fortunes off of his inventions. One of the all-time great "so bad it's good" movies. Laughable fake bats complete with cheesy stock footage close-ups that don't fool anybody. Bela hamming it up in that special way only he could. The sound effect used for the bat noise sounds like a woman screaming. A reporter and his sidekick are given carte blanche by the police to do anything they want, including pull guns on suspects. A significant part of the plot involves aftershave, which is just hilarious to me for some reason. Despite its poor production values, it's really a fun B movie. One of the best Bela did for the Poverty Row studios like PRC. I think whether one views it as a straightforward low budget horror movie from the time or as an unintended comedy, you should be able to get some kicks out of it. Only stuffy 'Sam the Eagle' types will not find something about The Devil Bat to enjoy.
  • hte-trasme9 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched The Devil Bat for the first time since I was a child. I remembered Bela Lugosi, the central plot device of murder by means of an aftershave that attracts killer bats, and the fact that everyone in the movie seems to listen to exactly the same radio station at exactly the same time. All those elements are still there, and though the last one only occurs once, it still seems like an amusingly silly way of conveying exposition. But much less prevalent than the cinema cliché of panning, zooming, and spinning newspapers, which appear here constantly. Perhaps that's more appropriate than normal, though, since two of our main characters are reporters.

    The Devil Bat has been one of the more enduring of Lugosi's cheap "poverty row" horror/mystery roles, no doubt because it remains highly entertaining and watchable despite, or perhaps because of the fact that everything that happens in in the realm of high silliness with horror trappings. Lugosi is a scientist (which here apparently means both a physician and a perfume chemist) who cashed out early after making a perfume formula for a successful company, and now thinks the company's fortune should be his. So his solution is to murder the family who runs the company in a very convoluted fashion. The concept is, well, batty. And from an acting standpoint, you can't say Lugosi makes this character "believable." Nobody could make someone doing this believable. But is is very entertainingly creepy, which is exactly his job.

    Because we know from the start what he is doing, this can't be a traditional mystery. But it's well-paced enough that we still follow the other characters as they inevitably move towards finding the solution we already know. And we don't blame them for not guessing such an unlikely scenario. Reporter Johnny is our hero. He's a little hard to take seriously as he spends most of the film wearing a tie with a huge question-mark pattern on it. Perhaps he is secretly The Doctor.

    He gets fired after his photographer "One-Shot" fakes a news photo of the devil bat. But he rather unbelievably wants to keep working on the story despite no longer technically being a reporter since he as no one to report to. When they find out more about the case their boss rather shockingly wants to hire them back, despite the fact that at least one of them provably fabricated his earlier journalism.

    But it's all part of the comic relief, which is still fun working alongside the unintentional comic non-relief. And though the film is clearly quite low-budgeted, its hows that more in its flimsy castle set (of course, all doctor-scientist-perfumers live in castles) than in its devil bats.

    There's very little objectively "good" about this movie, but it's everything a fun B movie should be.
  • Dr. Carruthers, a research chemist for a cosmetic firm, feels betrayed by his employers who are reaping the benefits of the products he created. The doctor plans his revenge, by using a giant bat (which he mutated in his laboratory, to attack the family members of his employers. Before each person is killed, Carruthers gives them each a sample of his new shaving lotion, which contains an element which the bats are attracted to. After the first murder, reporter Johnny Layton and photographer One Shot McGuire, go to the town of Heathville to get the story and at the same time solve the murders. Layton suspects Carruthers of perpetrating the crimes, but douses himself with the lotion in order to trap the bat so he won't strike again. This movie has fun all over it and its no mystery why this became one of PRC's biggest successes. Lugosi's performance is among the best of his poverty row career, and O'Brien and Kerr are good in their roles as well. Yarbrough paces this film superbly, with few slow spots. Rating, 8.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While this film never exactly approaches the awfulness of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, this is a supremely cheesy and terrible film,....that somehow STILL is highly entertaining and fun! The story itself is a bit derivative--after all, we've seen so many films featuring Bela Lugosi as a vengeful and evil scientist. But, this time there is a very odd twist indeed! Here he is a doctor who develops cosmetics--and while that doesn't SOUND scary, it indeed is! You see, he hates his employers and secretly is planning on killing them and their families for becoming rich based on all his research. So, using his cosmetics skills, he develops a weird aftershave that causes an evil mutated "devil bat" to bite their throats and kill them! It seems that Lugosi not only is a whiz with making toiletries, but can take an ordinary prop bat and make it grow into a huge and totally fake-looking killer bat! In fact, the bat might just be one of the worst props I have ever seen--looking about as deadly as a Pomeranian! And, the incredibly silly and completely un-bat-like scream it makes is downright hilarious. Plus, I would love to find out exactly where this film was supposedly set, as in this weird place, the cops sit back and let reporters do all the work and take all the risks! You see, when a nice reporter and his completely annoying and obnoxious partner come to town to report on some strange murders, the chief of police tells them to investigate and you don't see the police at all until the very end of the movie--even though five people were killed! Talk about low-key police work! This is definitely a film you watch more as a source of laughter than anything else! Shakespeare, this definitely ain't!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Devil Bat is a watchable, utterly silly B movie with Bela Lugosi in fine form as Dr. Paul Carruthers, who must be the only guy in the world who can create new aftershave lotions, cold creams, and electrically enlarged bats! Our good Doctor, of course, feels cheated by the business partners he sold out to before the cold cream made them rich, so naturally he creates an aftershave that bats despise, causing them to attack anyone who's wearing it. A bit like Hai Karate, I suppose.

    There's great fun to be had from Bela's parting shots to his would-be victims, "I don't think you'll ever use anything else" and "GOODBYE" in that sinister Hungarian cadence of his.

    And yep, the film has the stereo-typical annoying reporter working on the case and an even more annoying sidekick who rigs up a fake bat photograph for his newspaper, a proto-Eddie Brock, Spider-Man fans? The film becomes very boring whenever Lugosi is off-screen but luckily he has a substantial role so there's plenty to keep you watching. He obviously plays the part tongue firmly in cheek but enjoys himself.

    The central rooms of Carruthers' home were only filmed on a single set, redressed to fool the viewers. At one point Bela gets behind a window in the door to look into a lab during an experiment, and he looks into the same set he's standing in! It's quite well disguised, though, even if the wall bricks look painted! Its obviously a cheap production, but who cares? Worth watching for Bela alone. Now, where did I put my Brute Splash-on?
  • winner5529 September 2008
    Bela Lugosi turns in a not-so-bad performance in a not-so-bad little B-movie.

    Oh, yeah, it is schlocky as all heck. Mad scientist, big rubber bats attacking people wearing too much cologne, dumb comic-relief side-kick for a hero all too full of himself, the usual cops without a clue. Yes, as many clichés as can fit 70-odd minutes. But fortunately, the pacing is actually rather good - moments that look like they're about to slip into the snooze-zone somehow get saved by a fresh revelation, and we're onto the next scene.The acting is competent, the dialog is not painful, the camera and editing do what they have to do to get the job done - a workmanlike performance, but what more can be expected of a cheapie B-movie. If you enjoy B-movie thrillers, you won't be disappointed.
  • This is the very best of the old PRC-Monogram type thrillers. It is difficult to distinguish one studio from the other. They all seem to be cut out of the same production crew with identical sound tracks and values. I am not sure whether Monogram was combined earlier with another studio called Republic Pictures and then re-established again as a new studio, but the PRC and Monograms thrillers from the late 1930s and early 1940s are great fun. From the studio called "Monogram", my favorite film is "Invisible Ghost" followed by "The Corpse Vanishes". From PRC, I especially liked "Hitler - Beast of Berlin" (a well-produced story about the German anti-Nazi resistance), "The Black Raven" and "Dead Men Walk". But the best of the PRC films was "The Devil Bat". Indeed,if one considers all of these "B" film quickies, the best by far is "The devil Bat".

    Instead of being the vampire, Bela Lugosi is the "vampire maker", a mad chemist who has a vendetta against his employers. He creates a giant vampire bat and sends it to kill members of the Morton-Heath families. After a number of attacks, the mad chemist is destroyed by his creation. (There is a moral here). Good old fashioned monster movie with a neat cast of characters. And of course Susan Kaaren is great eye candy throughout. And of course that exotic French maid cutie!!!

    Watch it with popcorn and soda.

    10 out of 10.

    Dan Basinger
  • The plot is pretty well laid out here already, so I'll just say that THE DEVIL BAT is one of the best Bela Lugosi poverty-row horrors. It was made for Producers Releasing Corp (PRC) in 1940. I think it's as good, perhaps better than any of the titles in his Monogram resume. In general, PRC delivered the goods with their horror pictures, and if what you're looking for is peak Bela madness- wild eyed and possessed, than DEVIL BAT will definitely satisfy. A sequel, DEVIL BAT'S DAUGHTER, came in 1946, and GEORGE ZUCCO starred in a remake, THE FLYING SERPENT, in 1946.
  • A true poverty row production, The Devil Bat's main attraction is not really the bat itself, which is made so that you can see the strings and bad fur (and those cut-aways to the close-up of the bat face), but Bela Lugosi. You want to watch this classic star of the macabre do his stuff in a movie that isn't Dracula or directed by Ed Wood well, which is essentially projecting his cool and menacing presence upon unsuspecting citizens (actually, this time, his employers and associates) while flexing eyebrows and strangeness. He marks up what is essentially a really low-budget B movie into something more interesting- yes, interesting- than it would be without him.

    He plays Dr. Cruthers, a scientist who for years has made a business very rich with his own invented perfumes. But after getting cut out of the big profits for years, he concocts a formula that is an "aftershave" lotion where-in the victim puts the lotion on the neck and Cruthers lets out of his house a gigantic "devil bat" which he's created. The movie follows the typical investigation, the intrepid reporter out to crack the case, and the realization (dum-dum-dum!) that Cruthers, who everybody in town loves, is hatching a diabolical plot! AHH! Actually, the movie isn't very scary; one part where a woman sleeps in bed and the bat comes towards the house (intercut between the sleeping woman and some rare good shots of the bat "flying" in the sky) is kind of chilling in a silly way, but it's not scary cause of the bat.

    Matter of fact, if gauging the success of The Devil Bat on just being scary, it's not really very good. But, if you're a Bela Lugosi fan, it's probably one of his best performances in these kinds of near-forgotten horror pics where he plays a scientist or doctor or creator of some giant thing to kill other things (maybe not the quintessential one, that goes to Bride of the Monster). The other actors fare well enough too, if usually just adequate for the material, and it's all very enjoyable - almost against one's better judgment for something like this. It's a minor campy treat.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Somewhere in the Chicago's south suburbs (after all, Cottage Grove Avenue is mentioned) is the town of Heathville, whose fortune is built not on toffee bars, but on a cosmetic company that rips off Dr. Carruther's (bela) formulas. Rather than jumping over to Helene Curtis, the good doctor goes to his secret stash of beef jerky, and with some electricity and Vigoro, makes a hanger of jerky into a giant bat puppet, like you can get at Kmart, trained to attack the scent of Bela's aftershave formula. Why exactly does he do this? Fortunately for the viewer, he monologues his motivation, both the the bats and in his own mind.

    When the Heath family men start dying off, reporter Johnny Layton and photographer "One-Shot" are assigned to look into things by editor Elmer Fudd ("and get me a picture of that wascalwy wabbit!"). Layton starts wondering why everyone is carrying economy size bottle of experimental aftershave, while One-Shot tries to make time with a French maid (and with a nickname like "One-Shot," he probably never gets a second date). In true detective movie fashion, Layton gets close to the story only after Elmer fires him for sending in One-Shot's faked bat photo.

    SPOILER ALERT Well, Bela trains a bat to attack anyone wearing his aftershave. So how do you think he comes to his justly deserved fate?

    Left unanswered is why Bela enters his secret lab through a hidden door in his basement, and needs another secret door into his already secret lab.

    If you have any love for Bela, you will enjoy watching him chew the scenery as his bat chews his victims' jugulars!
  • starwarzed19 July 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was a lot of fun. I went into it with no expectations and I loved it! I am very deprived in the fact that the only memory I have of Bela Lugosi as Dracula in the movies he played them. "Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein" being one of my faves. Anyway, in this movie, he takes a turn in the mad scientist role, and there are a couple of scenes where he just has this crazed look in his eyes! He is a bitter employee who is not getting money on the great products he's creating. He develops this lotion that drives a a trained bat crazy. This is not a normal bat, he has bombarded it with nuclear power or some such, and the bat has grown! The part I thought was the best was they only used a real bat for the close- ups! It as just great fun!

    The cast was great. Dave O'Brian played reporter Johnny Layton and he almost has this hard-boiled detective quality to him. There is a scene in the police station where the police chief is just giving away everything to the reporter. In this day and age, all they would get was no comment.

    All in All, I would greatly recommend this movie giving it two thumbs up!
  • This older film is really good and its made good too! Bela Lugosi is really good in it! his characters is much different than the other ones he has played such Dracula and Murder Legendre! Actually this is his most interesting role in My opinion! Look for the actress Suzanne Kaaren who played Gail Tempest in the classic Three Stooges short "Disorder in the Court"! The movie has very good acting from all of the other actors that were in the film! The story of the Devil Bat is quite different and original! The effect were also good!The bat sequences were cool! The real bat in the close ups was really cute! The movie has some good music and direction! If you like Bela Lugosi and older horror films like the Universal Monsters then I strongly recommended that you see The Devil Bat!!
  • 'One Shot' McGuire steals this show. Donald Kerr turns in a great performance as frenchy chasing Newspaper photographer/Johnny Layton cronie. I think it's his best role since Happy Hapton in Mars attacks the World.

    I love the look on Bela's face whenever he delivers the cryptic farewell, "Good bye". Ever since I saw this film I can't wear aftershave.But what a diabolical plan. It was almost perfect. I can't wait to see Devil Bat's Daughter. I hope it's better than Dracula's Daughter.

    I love when the family patriarch stops by Bela's in the beginning and tells him how he just went over the figures and it turns out he's a lot richer than Bela. After he leaves, Bela has a thinking voice over as his diabolical laughing face turns into an intense bitter stare.

    Man this movie is Awesome, and what a fitting ending.
  • This is one of the poverty-row pictures from Bela's history. The plot is an important lesson in avoiding passive-aggression. Bela plays a brilliant chemist who creates a formula, then sells it to his bosses for $10,000. The company proceeds to make a mint, and decides to give him another $5,000 bonus to express their thanks. Lugosi decides this isn't enough, but, even though they're very friendly and approachable, he doesn't ask them for more. Instead, he goes back to his lab and creates a giant maniacal bat that kills everyone wearing after-shave. Now, I ask you, how is that going to solve anything? Even assuming that he could kill off the whole of the family that wronged him, and that he could get away with it, he'd still be poor. Anyway, I like Lugosi in this one pretty well, partly because he balances his "friendly Dr. Caruthers" and his Mad Scientist pretty nicely. Dave O'Brien as the unethical but honest reporter is fun to watch as well.
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