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  • I saw this film on TV in the '50's. Have been looking for it since video disks came on the scene (pre-VHS for you young'ens). The movie was my introduction to the Lippizaner breed of horse. And the first time I saw the stallions dance was a "goosebumps" moment for me. It still is. Other than the horse Florian, the story concerns two people, a groom and an aristocrat, separated by class, but united in their love for a horse . . . and eventually for one another. All (horse AND lovers) are separated and set adrift in the storm that is World War One. This is a story of the fall of an empire. A tale of love, of loss, of peril, and of eventual salvation and reconciliation. A baroque "Black Beauty." I would REALLY like a copy of this film.
  • I first saw the movie "Florian" around the very early 1950's. There was even an older book with the same title and story. Have been searching for a way to obtain this Robert Young movie for many years. It was my introduction to the Lippizanner stallions, their offspring, and rigorous training. It inspired me to begin riding Dressage later in life. And ultimately becoming a Trakehner horse breeder. The stories of these two breeds, and what happened to them during the European wars has many parallels. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria has been the home to Lippizan horses for centuries. Dressage riding looks so easy and effortless! Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes subtle cues from the rider, and complete synchronization of horse and rider. Training can take many years to achieve the wonderful "above airs" moves. This movie had a tremendous impact on my life!
  • I watched this movie Florian many many years ago.I remember my parents had not long bought our first TV. I sat in front of it on the floor watching Robert young saving the horses in ww1 I first learnt that white horses are born black and my heart was racing when i saw the stallions enter the arena to "dance" I loved it very much it is a movie I would love to have. I have over the years made some enquries about the movie and now that i am semi retired i am becoming more persistent in my search for a copy. Does anybody know of a VHS or is it on line anywhere or was it ever released as a VHS?. Ultimate dream is to go and see the dancing stallions.
  • I see it has been a long time since anyone has commented on this film....I saw it back in the 60's and just loved it......I would just love to find a copy of it on VHS or DVD.....maybe if enough people wrote to Turner classic channel or a channel that plays old movies maybe they would air it...I haven't seen it in many years.....I have seen The Miracle of the White Stallion and I love it too....There is also a movie called The Long Shot that airs on the Hallmark channel from time to time that is about a dressage horse that goes blind and ends up winning a musical dressage is also a really good movie....
  • You are so right, I too wish that Florian was available on both DVD and/or VHS. Another excellent film is The Miracle of The White Stallions, although this is set in World War II. The difference being that the later film is available on DVD. It may be good to see both these films linked as a double. Films like this are very rare and far between. We don't often see family orientated films. Perhaps we should keep pestering the film companies to produce more of such films or perhaps they could remake Florian using colour film after all the book is still good the story is good so why not. These films can teach children more about the futility of war. Why people found it necessary to send their young men to die in the trenches and how it affected not just the people but the animals of the world too. How war split families apart separating them from not only their wives and children but their pets too.
  • I saw this movie numerous times in the 1950's and in later years on the late-night movies and on PBS a few times. I have watched for years to see if it might be released on VHS. This is a wonderful movie and one that you won't likely forget once you have seen it. If you have ever seen Lippizan horses perform you know of their beauty, power and grace. If you haven't seen them, they are a sight to behold. This movie does an incredible job of portraying that. It has a great storyline and wonderful music as well. If anyone out there has a copy of this film, I would love to know about it.
  • I watched for it on TV for many years, hoping it would be shown; for a while I thought my mother had made it up :-) Imagine my great pleasure when it aired on TV (over 25 years ago--long before VCRs, if you can imagine). It was just as good as she had said; Robert Young was so handsome, and Florian was far better than Flicka or Trigger.

    "Florian" might not have been on the same level as, say, Lassie Come-Home, or Smokey (with Fred McMurray), but it was a good horse movie nevertheless.
  • I remember seeing this movie on TV on a late, late show. It impressed me as no other movie had. I fell in love with the music and with Florian. Even as a child, I was impressed with the drama of FLORIAN, and I need to find a copy of this film on VHS or whatever, so I can replay it over and over.
  • A very entertaining film, it contains all thats necessary to make an enjoyable movie, in particular those interested in horses. Has all the necessary ingredients which makes it spectacular, especially the part where all the horses are penned ,ready to be transported to their slaughter destinations in Europe, and of course our hero finds him and thru this finds the girl! Have been trying for years to obtain a copy of it. Zeus.
  • Flo-611 November 1998
    I saw this movie in the early 60's. It was shown on the Million Dollar Movie. I was in High School at the time, and I thought it was an excellent movie.

    My parents were always talking about the movie "Florian" with Robert Young, and they told me they had enjoyed the movie, and that they liked the name so much that they named me after it. I would very much like to know if there is any way I could get a copy of it. I tried looking in video stores in my area, but had no luck. If anyone knows where I can get a copy, please let me know.

    Thank You, Florian
  • If you are a Robert Young fan and are into horses this movie is a must. It is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye. ( Maybe more than one ). All you horse lovers and " Lippy " owners in particular ,seek this one out !! I would dearly love to find out where one could get a hold of a copy of " Florian " I hope there is someone out there that can help ?
  • I saw this movie in 1940 and I never forgot it. It is a tear-jerker but of the best kind. All of the ingredients of a good plot are there and of course any movie with an animal, especially a horse is a guarantee of good family entertainment. It was shown in the afternoon on a Baltimore channel so I don't imagine very many families got to see it. Perhaps if enough of us write to Fox Movie Channel and Turner Classic Movies, they will show this movie again.I watch only the "classic" movies because I find I do not like the new violent/sex ones of today. There are so many good books that have never been made into movies. Tried and true books are much better than some of the "original" ideas used for the movies of today.
  • Although I have never seen this movie, of all that I would like to see, it is this does a person request a company to produce a movie? I will try and find out, and request. :D