Prisoner Tom Dugan: I steal an empty slot machine and get 10 years, and this guy steals a million and gets 5. Figure that out, will yuh?

Main Reporter: [Sarcastically] That's why you got the 10 - to figure it out.

Lucky Dubarry: I'm leaving town.

Robert 'Pop' Cain Sr.: Where to?

Lucky Dubarry: As far as 20 bucks and a mink coat will take me.

Robert 'Pop' Cain Sr.: There are no secrets in jail.

Lucky Dubarry: [Indicating her fur coat] See this? That's all that's standing between me and the WPA!

Welfare Secretary: Name, please.

Prisoner Tom Dugan: Tom Dugan.

Welfare Secretary: Age?

Prisoner Tom Dugan: I'll be 58 when I get out.

Welfare Secretary: Previous occupation?

Prisoner Tom Dugan: Thief. Don't worry. I'll get me old job back again.

Jim McLaughlin: Well, they've never sent a millionaire to prison as long as I can remember.

Robert 'Pop' Cain Sr.: [Angrily] Where have you been for the last couple of years?