Ginger Rogers turned down the role of Hildy Johnson (eventually played by Rosalind Russell) in the Howard Hawks comedy His Girl Friday (1940) so she could co-star with Ronald Colman in this movie.

Ginger Rogers dyed her hair brunette for the part, however she left the dye on for too long and it became almost black. She had to wash it many times to bring it to a suitable, lighter colour; although it was still darker than she wanted.

"The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a 30 minute radio adaptation of the movie on April 6, 1941 with Ginger Rogers reprising her film role.

In the scene where Jean is on the phone to David at night, she trips over the telephone chord, falls to the floor and begins to laugh. This was accidental, Ginger rogers did in fact trip over the chord, but the director chose to keep this in as it added to Jean's excitement of going out with David.

Carole Lombard turned Lucky Partners down so she could film Vigil in the Night (1940).

This film was very successful at the box office, earning RKO a profit of $200,000 according to studio records.

The only film Ginger Rogers and Ronald Colman made together.