Another film based on a fictionalized account of the life and legend of lawyer William Fallon, the famous Great Mouthpiece of the roaring 20s.

This film's earliest documented telecasts took place in Tucson Friday 14 September 1956 on KDWI (Channel 9), and in Bellingham WA Thursday 20 September 1956 on KVOS (Channel 12); it first aired in Miami Saturday 27 October 1956 on WTVJ (Channel 4), in Bloomington IN Friday 2 November 1956 on WTTV (Channel 4), in Spokane Monday 17 December 1956 on KREM (Channel 2), in Boston Friday 21 December 1956 on WBZ (Channel 4), and in Salt Lake City Friday 28 December 1956 on KUTV (Channel 2).

The death scene when the phone is ringing and the guards ignore it is almost identical to the Boris Karloff movie, The Walking Dead, 1936, complete with the lights dimming as the execution takes place.

The original play opened in Brooklyn, New York on 10 June 1929.

Some cast members in studio records/casting call lists did not appear or were not identifiable in the movie. These were (with their character names, if any): Frank Bruno (Griswold), Glen Cavender (Prisoner), Alan Davis (Whitey), Eddie Foster (Weinstein), George Kirby, (Roscoe's butler), Vera Lewis, George Reeves (Hotel clerk), Jack Richardson (Prisoner) and Cliff Saum (Prisoner). Susan Peters is also supposed to be in this film, but she was not seen either.

The script was unfinished at the start of production and was revised throughout.