Dr. Tim Mason: [demonstrating his cryogenic technique to other doctors with a cancer patient] Metabolism at this time is practically nil!

Dr. Leon Kravaal: [to Mason, who has just revived him] It's yesterday afternoon to me, but to you it's ten years ago!

Dr. Leon Kravaal: No other doctor has ever been able to grasp the basic principles of what I am doing. I've explained it to the highest authorities in medicine, and they scoffed at it, calling me insane! I must furnish them a living proof!

Dr. Leon Kravaal: Let it sink into your brain that this is the year 1940, and that you've been buried, lost, frozed in the ice for ten years!

Dr. Tim Mason: [after Kravaal has shot Adams in the back] He's dead!

Dist. Atty. John Hawthorne: Murdered!

Dr. Leon Kravaal: [bitterly] You call everything murder, don't you?

Dr. Tim Mason: [realizing they are trapped in a frozen cavern deep underground with a madman] There's no use kidding ourselves - we're in a spot.

Dist. Atty. John Hawthorne: There must be some way out of this!

Dr. Henry Bassett: What, for instance? We're locked in, no one knows we're here, and we have a madman for a jailer!

[first lines]

opening title card scroll: Added to the many miracles performed by modern science that have accounted for the saving of thousands upon thousands of human beings, comes its newest and most modern discovery - frozen therapy. ¶Estimates of how long frozen therapy can produce a state of suspended animation range from days to years. But on the fact that disease can be arrested - that life can be prolonged, by freezing human beings in ice, the medical world agrees. ¶In research hospitals today, men and women are alive and breathing - their bodies encased in ice.