Frankie 'Doc' Kelly: What do you want?

Jefferson White: I just come over after some headache powders

Frankie 'Doc' Kelly: Headache powders? Oh, that's bad. Let me feel your pulse. Stick out your tongue

Jefferson White: But I just...

Frankie 'Doc' Kelly: Stick out your tongue! Oh, you know headaches is only the first symptoms. Come on, I'll mix you something

Jefferson White: But Mr Frankie...

[he gets dragged into the backroom]

Jefferson White: Er, Mr Frankie, you know I ain't got no business in this room and Doctor Hunter done told you about them experiments. The last time you mixed one for me it was for my liver

Frankie 'Doc' Kelly: Well, it worked didn't it?

Jefferson White: I'll say it did. My hair fell out in bunches.

Frankie 'Doc' Kelly: Oh, oh that. Well, I just got a couple of those Latin names mixed up. That's all.