Narrator: These strange figures and forms were carved here many years ago - before any record of our present civilization. They speak the message of an intelligent man.

Mountain Guide: Do you mean there were people of intelligence that long ago?

Narrator: Intelligence, my friend, is inherit. Education and culture are acquired. Civilization, of course, has brought complications. But here are the same thoughts, the same emotions, the same struggles with the problems of life and death we have today experienced.

[first lines]

Mountain Guide: This shelter will have to do until the storms over. Better take your wet things off and make yourselves as comfortable as possible.

Narrator: The story concerns a young hunter of one tribe and the young girl of another.

Tumak: Tumak!

Loana: Tumak?

Tumak: Tumak!

Loana: Loana.

Tumak: Loana?

Loana: Loana!

Tumak: Loana? Tumak!

Loana: Tumak.