The censors ordered the "Sheik of Araby" to be re-shot because the costumes of the harem girls were deemed too revealing.

Scenes which were deleted from final version appear in Hidden Hollywood: Treasures from the 20th Century Fox Film Vaults (1997).

"He'd Have to Get Under - Get Out and Get Under (to Fix Up His Automobile)" (music by Maurice Abrahams, lyrics by Grant Clarke and Edgar Leslie), performed by Alice Faye, Betty Grable and Jack Oakie, was cut from this film.

After the huge success of Down Argentine Way (1940), a part was quickly written into this movie for Betty Grable.

"When You Wore a Tulip (And I Wore a Big Red Rose)" (music by Jack Mahoney, lyric by Percy Wenrich), performed by Betty Grable was cut from this film. In the surviving version of this scene, Grable's voice is dubbed by someone else.