[later Edith Keating to Billy]

Edith: Jim's got roots here.

Billy: I got a horse and the west is wide.

Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: On the level, Billy. You ought to get off the bottle.

Billy: Bottle? I've never been drunk in my life.

Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: I don't mean liquor. I mean another kind of bottle - excitement... phony adventure. It's no good, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, I'll play along, Hickey. You just keep four aces in the deck.

Eric Keating: You know, things are going to happen in this country. Guns and shooting are going out. Law and order is on the march. You better look out or they'll run you over. The good people want to live together as good, peaceful citizens. And when they get together, there isn't a man fast enough on the draw or tough enough to stand against them. Not even Hannibal, Napolean or Billy the Kid.

Dan Hickey: Left-handed, eh?

Billy: I'm saving my right to shake hands with friends.

Billy: Don't he get a badge or something?

Eric Keating: Well, he didn't give me a badge for him. But... wait... there's a United States eagle on this dollar. That's all you need!

Prologue: The history of the west was written with the blood of men both good and bad. In 1880, the last frontier was being won to the music of six-shooters on the cattle range. At this time, and into this stirring scene, there rode a young outlaw who lived his violent hour in defiance of an advancing civilization. His name has gone down in legend as "Billy the Kid."

Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: Don't you get fed up sometimes?

Billy: Fed up with what?

Jim 'Holy' Sherwood: Oh, rollin' around like a tumbleweed, being hunted, and never knowin' who's behind the next rock. I mean...

Billy: I know what you mean. I like it!

Dan Hickey: Nobody quits my outfit and stays healthy!

Billy: Which one of you guys wants to start making me unhealthy?

Epilogue: Thus, as the ways of law came to the last frontier, the last of the men of violence found his peace.

Ed Shanahan: [at card table, as dance hall girl leaves with Billy] Hey Bessie, you're with me tonight!

Bessie: Ah, go chew on your lariat!