Michael Shayne: You drive a pawnbroker's bargain!

Ethel: Merle's gettin' married today.

Michael Shayne: Gettin' married? She can't do that to me!

Ethel: You can't blame her none, Mike. After all, she was caught between a stiff breeze and plenty of wind.

Michael Shayne: Talk English!

Ethel: Well, you gave her a stiff breeze, and he gave her plenty of wind.

Michael Shayne: Who is he?

Michael Shayne: Well, he sells us the Fournier One-Minute Wart Remover. And, boy, is it fo-nay!

Rudolf Hagerman: Exactly who are you?

Michael Shayne: [In a mocking tone] Exactly Oliver Twist!

Juan Arturo O'Hara: She's what I call a very attractive woman!

Michael Shayne: Yeah, she's a very regular fella too.

Michael Shayne: [Giving up trying to batter open the door as the hold fills up with water] Hey, it's no use! How good are you at drowning?

Juan Arturo O'Hara: I did fine last time.

Michael Shayne: [Climbing on top of a crate] Come on. Let's pick ourselves a comfortable spot to do it.