• The Rough Riders Song
    composed by Edward J. Kay
    heard during opening and closing
  • Camptown Races
    Composed by Stephen Foster
    [Heard from cowboys on Sandy's Texas ranch]
  • Here Cones the Bride
    (aka "The Bridal Chorus" & "The Wedding March") (1850)
    composed by Richard Wagner
    heard at Sandy's aborted wedding
  • The Bear Went over the Mountain
    Traditional children's song to the tune of "For He' a Jolly Good Fellow"
    [Heard at Sandy's aborted wedding]
  • Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
    (uncredited) (aka "The Dying Cowboy" and "The Cowboy's Lament")
    Traditional cowboy folk song
    [Heard played inside Yucca City saloon]
  • Red River Valley
    (uncredited) (aka "Cowboy Love Song" and "Bright Sherman Valley"
    Cowboy folk song
    [Around campfire sung by cowhands]