Tedding: Will you shut up!

Gander: Shut up, sir, Very Good, sir...

[gets a cup]

Gander: If this be a natural thing where do it come from where do it go...

[a book is thrown at him]

Station Master: If this be a natural thing where do it come from, where do it go?

Gander: When the train come tearing and a roaring through the station, with its whiskers blowing and it haunted steam up...

Gander: It's a far far wetter thing I go to.

Gander: Ted Holmes!

Gander: [about a ghost story] As they were pushing the bodies in...

Gander: [about the ghost of Ted Holmes after he trips up] That was his other leg

Gander [telling a story]: Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle. I found out he'd been dead since Clapham Junction.

Julia: The ghost train never comes back.

Gander: You can't stay 'ere!

Gander [telling a story]: [to parrot] I say, I wonder if I could teach you to talk. I wonder if you could say 'Heil Hitler.' Eh? No, not with a beak like that.