• Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech
    (Men of Harlech)
    Traditional Welsh folk song
    Played and Sung during the opening credits
  • Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer
    Music by John Hughes
    Lyrics by William Williams
    Sung a cappella by men coming home from the mines
    Later played at Angharad's wedding procession
  • Calon Lan
    Music by John Hughes
    Welsh lyrics by Daniel James (aka Gwyrosydd)
    Sung a cappella at the wedding of Ivor and Bronwyn
  • Llwyn Onn
    Traditional Welsh folk song
    Sung by townsmen for the wedding procession out of church
  • Hob I Deri Dando
    Traditional Welsh folk song
    New Welsh lyrics by Tudor Williams
    Sung by guests as the wedding cake is brought out
  • Peter O'Pea
    Traditional Irish folk song sung by Donald Crisp
  • Mochyn Du
    ("Black Pig")
    Traditional Welsh folk song sung by the guests
  • Mentra Gwen
    Traditional Welsh folk song serenading mother to get well
  • Myfanwy-Arabella
    Music by Joseph Parry
    Welsh lyrics by Mynyddag
    Townfolks serenating mother at door
  • God Save the Queen
    (1744) (uncredited)
    Music and lyrics by Henry Carey
    Sung by the townsmen for the royal invitation
  • The Sixpence
    Composer undetermined
    Played in some scenes with Mr. Gruffydd and Angharad
  • Penpark
    Music by J.T. Rees
    Welsh lyrics by Charles Wesley
    Arranged by Tudor Williams
    Hymm Sung in Church
  • Bryn Calfaria
    Music by William Owen
    Welsh lyrics by William Williams
    Sung by men walking to mine
  • Llef
    (1890) (uncredited)
    Music and Lyrics by G.H. Arfon (aka Griffith Hugh Jones)
    Hymn Sung by all at the meeting
  • I Saw a Tiny Streamlet
    Music by Owain Alaw (aka John Owen)