Ed Cornell: I'll follow you into your grave. I'll write my name on your tombstone.

Robin Ray: Women are all alike!

Larry Evans: For Pete's sake, what difference does that make? You've got to have them, they're standard equipment.

Vicky Lynn: Is that all?

Larry Evans: No, but the rest of it isn't on the menu.

Vicky Lynn: You couldn't afford it if it was.

Jill Lynn: What's the good of living without hope?

Ed Cornell: It can be done.

Ed Cornell: When I get all my evidence together, I'm gonna have you tied up like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

Ed Cornell: [bumming a ride in Frankie's car] I'm sorry to have to ask you to do this, but I'm a little short on cash lately. You see, I've spent so much of my own dough, trying to build up this case against you.

Frankie Christopher: Well, if there's anything you need, just let me know.

Ed Cornell: Oh, I imagine they'll make it right with me when I bring in the material for your trial. They usually do in these cases. I nick a guy on my own time and send him up to the chair, then I get back pay.

Frankie Christopher: Must be a great life - like a garbage man, only with people!

Ed Cornell: I got practically all the evidence I need now. I could arrest you today for that matter, but you might get some smart mouthpiece and get off with life instead of the chair. I won't be satisfied until I'm *sure* it's the chair.

Frankie Christopher: You're a gay dog, Cornell. You make me feel as if I'm driving a hearse!

Ed Cornell: Oh, I know your type. I've seen hundreds of them. I don't scare you enough to make you commit suicide, but I worry you just the same. And when the day comes they all act different. Some scream, a few faint, some light a cigarette and try a wisecrack. But it sticks in their throats - especially when they're hung.

Lady Handel: How old are you, anyway?

Robin Ray: That, my dear Lady Handel, is a secret that I keep even from my own mother.

Jill Lynn: The trouble with you is you pretend you don't care about things, but you do.

Ed Cornell: What she meant we'll never know. It's what she said that counts.

Ed Cornell: I've got a good mind to kill you myself right now.

Ed Cornell: I don't scare you enough to make you commit suicide but I worry you just the same.

Ed Cornell: [to Frankie Christopher] You're like a rat in a box without any holes!

Robin Ray: [sitting at a bar] Why you ink stinking word slinger!

Robin Ray: [indignant] Can you imagine her walking out on me, after all that I've done for her? Me!

Larry Evans: [slightly incredulous] "You've" done for her? What have *you* done for her?

Robin Ray: Well, I took her out to all the bright spots, I let her be seen with me everywhere... It made her feel important.

Larry Evans: Why, you parboiled old ham! You don't think anybody thought there was anything between *you* two, do you? If it hadn't been for my plugging in the column, people would've thought she was your trained nurse.

Robin Ray: Why, you ink-stinking word slinger! I was famous when they were changing your pants 20 times a day!

Ed Cornell: [as Frankie has Cornel stuck up outside the subway, trying to get him to release Jill] Well its no use Frankie, I dont have to make bargains with you. Ill get you eventually. If not tomorrow, next week, if not next week, next year! Times nothing in my life, it is in yours. Each minute is an eternity to man in your shoes.

Frankie Christopher: Thats the wrong stare this time Cornell. They told me at headquarters that you're a pretty sure thing but this time you're trying to convict an innocent man!

Ed Cornell: Thats what you say. But you cant sell me on it.

Jill Lynn: I don't want to tell you your business, but don't you think you're making a fool of yourself?

Vicky Lynn: What do you mean?

Jill Lynn: Oh, this Frankie Christopher. People like that, what have they got to do with people like us?

Vicky Lynn: Jill, they're going to help me!

Jill Lynn: In what way?

Vicky Lynn: They're gonna' glamorize me. They may have started this thing as a gag, but, after taking one look at those million-dollar debutantes tonight, I realized I can give them cards in spades and still come out on top.

Jill Lynn: Vicky, you'll never come out on top by any shortcuts. One week your picture's on the cover of a magazine, the next it's in the ash can.

Lady Handel: [Last lines] Why... who on earth is that beautiful girl?

Jill Lynn: [on the dance floor, dreamily looking at Frankie] Mrs. Botticelli.

Robin Ray: [Nervously] I never saw her before in my life.

Larry Evans: [Nervously] I don't know either. They're both strangers to me.

Jill Lynn: [referring to Ed Cornell, who has been shadowing Vicky] He gives me the creeps.

Vicky Lynn: You'll have to get used to that. We've got more wolves in New York than they have in Siberia.