Captain Alan Thorndike: Every good soldier needs a crest for his cap. And you shall have your pin, set with diamonds if you wish.

[last lines]

Announcer: And from now on, somewhere in Germany is a man with a precision rifle and the high degree of intelligence and training that is required to use it. It may be days, months or even years, but this time he clearly knows his purpose and, unflinching, faces his destiny.

Captain Alan Thorndike: I present you with this dangerous weapon, madmoiselle, with my undying gratitude and admiration. May you never lodge it in the wrong heart.

Vaner: Have you committed a crime, sir?

Captain Alan Thorndike: No.

Vaner: Was it, um, about a woman?

Captain Alan Thorndike: [smiling] I see you know life.

Vaner: I thought so. They're a dickens of a problem, aren't they, sir?

Major Quive-Smith: Today, Europe. Tomorrow, the world.

Jerry Stokes: [In the Pawnbrokers selecting a pendant] Ooh it's wonderful, can I try it ?

Pawnbroker: Certainly madam.

Jerry Stokes: Oh look, it's lovely, is it silver plate ?

Pawnbroker: It's better than that madam, it's chromium.

Captain Thorndike: To lend all you've got is a pretty big loan.