[last lines]

[Coates gives Jim his business card]

Coates, Stage Driver: Got another line 'sides drivin' folks. Glad to be a service to ya anytime.

Jim Lawrence: Goodbye, Mr. Motley

Lawyer Eric Motley: Goodbye, Jim! Goodbye, Elanita!

[Jim reads Coates' business card which advertises his services as a Justice of the Peace - weddings five dollars or one heifer]

Elanita Toreno: Well, I'd like to see it too, please!

[Elanita reads the card and then tries to tear it up]

Jim Lawrence: Now wait a minute. You never can tell, we might meet up with someone who's crazy enough to get married sometime.

Elanita Toreno: Crazy? Well, that's a fine thing to say!

Jim Lawrence: As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to get a little dizzy myself.

Memphis: Boy, where'd you get that scrumptious hat from?

Juan: This sombrero? I buy him. Pay mucho dinero.

[Memphis rattles a pair of dice]

Memphis: Do you know what these little fellas is for?

Juan: Nooo.

Memphis: You don't? Then come with me. I've been waitin' for you!

[the Sheriff's henchmen have botched Jim's murder]

Stan Borden: He's pretty healthy looking for a corpse.

Miguel Garcia: Don Jose made certain promises to his tenants. His will must be read before it is too late!

Jim Lawrence: It's set to be read at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Miguel Garcia: Bueno! Watch yourself every minute. Your death would bring another postponement

Jim Lawrence: Besides being a nuisance to me.

[Miguel, disguised as El Lobo, is severely wounded rescuing Jim from the Sheriff's owlhoots]

Jim Lawrence: Hold on, Mike, I'll get a doctor.

Miguel Garcia: There's no time, amigo. The trail ends for El Lobo.

Sheriff Jeffers: He can't be far, men! Spread out! Find him! And when you find him, shoot him on sight!

Stan Borden: I've been looking all over the place for Pancho. Have you seen him?

Pancho: Si, Senor. I've been mending the trousers of Senor Jim. He has big holes where the money goes.

[Jim examines Pancho's handiwork]

Jim Lawrence: Very neat, Pancho, but to help me save money, you'll have to sew up both ends of the pockets.