Riding the Wind (1942) Poster


GREASED LIGHTNING STREAKS ACROSS THE TURBILENT PLAINS...when Tim lights out on the bandit trail..Stirring outdoor action packs this gripping, dramatic story of the West's tooth-and-nail fight against the lowest of low criminals - the water thief - it's ADVENTURE IN HIGH (original poster)
WHIRLWIND ACTION! When a fight for water was a fight for life on the seething frontier! (original poster)
RACE AGAINST TIME! as Tim wins life-and-death battle for prairie water rights! (original poster)
A twisting tornado of two-gun thrills as Tim clears the plains of the west's lowest criminals -- water thieves.
HE-MAN HURRICANE HITS THE BANDIT TRAIL! (original ad - all caps)
A THOUSAND LIVES DEPEND ON HIS GUNS...FISTS! (original print ad-all caps)
AN ADVENTURE DRAMA AS BIG AS THE WEST! (original print ad-all caps)

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