Soundtracks (22)

  • My Country 'tis of Thee
    Music from "God Save the King"
    Played over the opening credits and occasionally throughout the picture
    Also played at the British medal ceremony
  • When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
    (1892) (uncredited)
    Written by James Milton Black
    Sung in church at the beginning of the picture
  • The Drunkard's Song
    Traditional American folk song
    Sung by three men on horseback
  • Give Me That Old Time Religion
    Traditional American spiritual
    Played occasionally throughout the picture
    Sung by the folks in the church during the rainstorm
  • I've Got Rings On My Fingers
    (1909) (uncredited)
    Music by Maurice Scott
    Played on piano in the saloon
  • Oh! You Beautiful Doll
    (1911) (uncredited)
    Music by Nat Ayer
    Played on the piano during the brawl at the saloon
  • I Got a Gal at the Head of the Holler
    Traditional American folk song
    Sung by Alvin while at the mirror
  • Arkansas Traveler
    (ca 1850) (uncredited)
    Music by Sanford Faulkner
    Played while the folks are dancing at the saloon
  • Turkey in the Straw
    Traditional American folk song
    Played while the folks are dancing at the saloon
  • In the Sweet Bye and Bye
    (1868) (uncredited)
    Music by J.P. Webster
    Lyrics by S. Fillmore Bennett
    Sung by the folks in the church during the rainstorm
  • You're In The Army Now
    Music by Isham Jones
    Lyrics by Tell Taylor and Ole Olsen
    Played during the opening credits
    Played when the soldiers are digging the trench
  • Mess Call
    Traditional military bugle call
  • Yankee Doodle
    Played as the boat sails to Europe
  • Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile!
    Music by Felix Powell
    Played while the soldiers are marching through the mud
  • La Marseillaise
    (1792) (uncredited)
    Music by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle
    Played during the French medal ceremony
  • The Star-Spangled Banner
    (1814) (uncredited)
    Music based on "The Anacreontic Song" by John Stafford Smith
    Played at the American medal ceremony
  • (I Wish I Was in) Dixie's Land
    (1860) (uncredited)
    Music by Daniel Decatur Emmett
    Played as the soldiers return to America
  • National Emblem
    (1902) (uncredited)
    Music by Edwin Eugene Bagley
    Played during the ticker tape parade
  • The Sidewalks of New York
    (1894) (uncredited)
    Music by Charles Lawlor
    Played during the Waldorf Astoria scene
  • The Stars and Stripes Forever
    (1896) (uncredited)
    Music by John Philip Sousa
    Played by the band at the train station
  • Froggy Went a-Courtin
    Sung by Luke as he rides his mule into town.
  • Das Lied der Deutschen
    written by Franz Joseph Haydn
    (played when the German soldiers surrender)