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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Baby is the sweetest thing, the product of an annulled marriage between nurse Anne Shirley and West Point football hero Richard Denning. A misunderstanding at the hospital makes everybody think that the doctor is Richard Carlson, a fun loving type that genuinely loves mama Shirley. It's a complicated situation because West Point cadets aren't allowed to be married, so Shirley had the marriage annulled and had her baby in secret. Carlson's Dr. Gillespie like boss (Cecil Kellaway) becomes a father like figure to him, but the potential if scandal erupts thanks to hospital gossip.

    This pleasant pre-war comedy features some great character performances, especially eccentric Maude Eburne as a landlady who hasn't washed her hair in three months because she believes that a permanent is permanent and Lillian Randolph as the nanny/cook who feeds the baby pork chops. It's obvious from the beginning who the audience will root for Shirley to pick. At only an hour, this is an absolute delight, sweet and engaging from start to finish.