Amos Hanlin: A busy man has very little time to engage in feminine emotions.

Alice Saunders: You sound like a man of destiny.

Monsieur Colomb: One must not flirt with one's destiny.

Alice Saunders: But the world in the condition it is today, aren't we all flirting with destiny?

Monsieur Colomb: I suppose I finish my book upstairs.

Alice Saunders: Oh no, please, I didn't mean to disturb you. Excuse me.

Alice Saunders: Will we see you again?

Monsieur Colomb: Who knows, in this crazy world!

Monsieur Colomb: When a young woman's nerves commence to give way it is time she sought refuge in a strong man's arms.

Alice Saunders: I just ran into yours.

Monsieur Colomb: Mine might be dangerous.