This is the first film directed by Michael Gordon, a member of the Group Theater, who was blacklisted, returned to Broadway, and, after the success of the play "The Tender Trap" returned to Hollywood to direct "Pillow Talk" and many successful light comedies.

The $314.90 for the plane tickets would equate to over $4,900 in 2017.

Al Herman as Cab Driver and Jessie Arnold as Tenant are cast members in studio records/casting call lists, but they did not appear or were not identifiable in the movie. Several cabs are in the movie, but their drivers were sometimes not visible.

The fourth of 14 "Boston Blackie" films starring Chester Morris released by Columbia from 1941 to 1949.

The $60,000 everyone is looking for would be equal to $917,482.66 in 2017 dollars.