• Audio/visual unsynchronised

    When Rick tells Louis to make out the transit papers in the name "Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lazlo", Ilsa moves toward Rick with her mouth moving. She is obviously saying, "Why my name?" which is the line she delivers in the next shot.

  • Continuity

    When Major Strasser is shot, five men drive up in a municipal police car. Two men are wearing black caps, and three are wearing white caps. After Captain Renault tells their leader to round up the usual suspects, four men are wearing white caps and there is a completely new character wearing mechanic's clothing standing by Major Strasser's car. This new character ultimately drives off in the Major's car.

  • Factual errors

    In the roulette scene,the man places 6 chips on number 22 and wins. This bet pays 35 to 1 and he should have been paid 210 chips + his original bet of 6 chips (in roulette, an individual player's chips are all the same denomination) but the dealer only gives him 3 stacks of 20-30 chips. He bets all of the chips on 22 again and wins. This should have paid 7776 chips (210 x 35) plus the bet of 216. When Rick asks the dealer how they were doing, the dealer tells Rick "a couple of thousand less than I thought there would be." when actually they would have just lost 7992 chips of whatever denomination they were.

  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs

    The fact that Louis' fake phone call to the airport fools Rick shows that the letters of transit are meant to be used as exit documents. Yet in the end, the Laszlos board without anybody ever checking the documents. If once Louis was a hostage he could get the Laszlos around any exit check, why did Rick insist on the letters of transit being filled out? He did it to make it "even more official"; the Laszlos would be protected in case there was an unexpected document check later, either on arrival at Lisbon, or at Casablanca if someone else arrived on scene and events did not continue as planned.

  • Revealing mistakes

    As Major Strasser gets shot, he falls down holding the telephone handset; the telephone cord between the phone and the handset is not connected. However, he actually got a hold of an operator and requested to speak to the radio tower. The phone was successfully operated earlier when the weather report was phoned to the radio tower and the cord is clearly connected.