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  • Another outlaw reign is threatening a certain locale in the west so the sheriff sends for who he describes as 'The three best men in the west. That can be none other than the 3 Mesquiteers played in this film by Tom Tyler, Bob Steele, and Rufe Davis.

    The job here is cracking the loyalty of young Benny Bartlett to his outlaw father Weldon Heyburn. Heyburn heads the gang and has told young Bartlett that there's nothing lower than a squealer. Advice Bartlett takes to heart even after Heyburn is killed and he goes to live with the Mesquiteers. He won't violate the Code Of The Outlaw.

    This Mesquiteer film is nicely paced with good performances especially out of young Bartlett. Benny had more dialog here than he ever had as a Bowery Boy.