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  • Warning: Spoilers
    It begins like a Vincente Minelli film, taking place in a little rural town, among a very gossip community, where nearly every one talks about his or her neighbour. And you can guess that this kind of "trash" generates many dramas. We have seen this before in many movies, grade A or B. This one, directed by one famous prince of the B - Lew Landers - turns to be totally unbelievable but although typical for a B picture. Unusual. The tale of a man on the run, suspected of manslaughter on a young woman died in a car accident, and also supposed killed after his released from jail - after his trial - learns, years later, that another guy will be executed for his murder - the lead's one.

    It may sounds familiar ; maybe this topic has already been told in some features. I guess so. I don't remember exactly.

    But it's worth.