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  • This is a terrific little movie! Suspense, intrigue, murder, romance and the great beauty and charm of Frances Langford. Frances sings a great little number 'There goes my Romance'. A great little tune which deserves to be heard. She also does an upbeat tune 'Got Love'. Kent Taylor provides the romantic interest and the ever polished, suave Taylor (He was Boston Blackie on early TV) gets the same glazed over look that all of Frances leading men do when they look at her. They all look like they are really in love with her and who could blame them? She looks absolutely adorable in this movie! The print that I saw was a little faded, a little grainy but watchable. It would be wonderful to have this movie restored like Warner Brothers did with the Bamboo Blond. Good supporting cast including the omnipresent John Litel in an interesting role. But the movie belongs to Frances Langford. She really lights up the screen!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The lovely Frances Langford and funny man Shemp Howard are the two standouts in this amusing B film that provides a ton of thrills in just an hour. Reporter Kent Taylor is on the hunt of a notorious mobster (John Litel) whom everyone believes to be dead. Taylor's journey takes him by stooge Howard's cab from New York City to Albany and then to Buffalo where he gets to meet Litel and nightclub singer Langford who is associated with the supposedly well respected Litel. Clever twists abound have both an old flame of Litel's (Claire Dodd) and his dog showing up for the ultimate exposure.

    At just an hour, this Universal bottom of the bill second feature ends up being as good, if not better, than the A film it most likely supported. Langford sings two nice songs (one slow and romantic, the other jazzy) and provides a complex characterization as well. Howard is very funny in a recurring gag where he explains his absence to an unseen wife who presumably dominates him. This film completely works because it isn't trying to outwit the audience or be too clever.