Narrator: [Spoken as camera pans across dead soldiers after the battle sequence] The object of the raid has been achieved. Locked gates, oil storage tanks, harbour equipment were destroyed. One enemy submarine was put out of action, our own losses, both in men and craft were very heavy. The enemy had been warned. He was waiting for us. And although our troops fought throughout with great skill and gallantry, they were not able to effect the surprise that had been hoped for. They paid the price for bad security. The next of kin of causalities' have been informed.

Maj. Richards: Always thought if I wanted a nice cushy job I'd come to England as a German spy!

Brigadier Blunt: You all know what a traitor is. A traitor's a man who deliberately gives away his side to the Enemy. but a patriot can easily do as much harm as a traitor. He can do it by letting slip some unimportant tuppeny-ha'penny detail that may have no value in itself whatever...

Brigadier Blunt: When in doubt say nothing, even if saying nothing makes you look a fool.

Joe - Irish seaman: The holy mother herself would be needin' a tin hat on a night like this.