Oskey: And Mr Bunting didn't know much about the war either until Norway and Denmark were invaded in the spring of 1940, he carried on with his job whilst the Germans overran Holland, and the Belgian and French withdrawals forced our troops to evacuate from Dunkirk. Bunting was digging for victory when France capitulated and the war moved across the channel and the immortal Battle of Britain was on in the air. But the RAF were ready and destroyed 'undreds of the bu-, er, Junkers.

Mr. Bunting: What a year up it's been. Anyway, England's still here. We've stuck it out so far.

Mrs. Bunting: Yes, I suppose that's the one thing most of us ordinary people are good at - sticking it out.

Corder: So fortune marks thee and sets her seal on thy brow!

Mr. Bunting: 'Course I've only got the job for the duration but for all that I want to see the Germans beaten and Holroyd come back.

Mrs. Bunting: Holroyd?

Mr. Bunting: The fella who took my place. If need be, I'd be as glad to lose my job again as I was to get it back, as long as we lick those Germans.