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  • daveblancha8 February 2003
    Good 3 Mesquiteers. Bob Steele was one of the best B Western guys, he ended up as Duffy on F-Troop. Jimmie Dodd ended up on the Mickey Mouse Club. Sheriff Lippy is a fat, shambling wreck played by Harry Holman, a fat shambling wreck.
  • bkoganbing22 June 2014
    Shadows On The Sage finds the 3 Mesquiteers answering the summons of Harry Holman the town drunk who was appointed sheriff on a dare. But like Charles Winninger in Destry Rides Again, he plans to bring in some deputies and we know who they are.

    Tom Tyler, Bob Steele and Jimmie Dodd are the 3 Mesquiteers, but neither Holman or Steele know that Tucson Smith has a double riding with the outlaws who are in the control of banker Bryant Washburn who is trying to get a hold of Griff Barnet's mine. Including Bob Steele's twin.

    This was a close run thing, but Holman turns out to be not such a jerk in the end. And of course the 3 Mesquiteers clean things up and ride off into the sunset.