Professor Moriarty: The needle to the last, eh, Holmes?

Professor Moriarty: Brilliant man, Sherlock Holmes. Too bad he was honest.

Sherlock Holmes: The four sections of your bomb sight fit inside these ponderous tomes; although, I must confess I shy to the thought of disemboweling a complete set of Charles Dickens.

Professor Moriarty: [as Moriarty drains Holmes's blood] Drop by drop, Holmes. Drop by drop. Ah, in a way I'm almost sorry. You were a stimulating influence to me but it was obvious that I should win in the end.

[last lines]

Dr. John H. Watson: Things are looking up, Holmes. This little Island's still on the map.

Sherlock Holmes: Holmes: Yes. "This fortress built by nature for herself, this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."

Dr. John H. Watson: Woman? What woman?

Sherlock Holmes: She's blonde. Five foot six, full lipped and very affectionate.

Dr. John H. Watson: Oh, really?

Braun: French! English! How I hate those languages!

Mueller: Calm yourself, my dear Braun. In a short time there will *be* only one language.

Dr. Franz Tobel: You would take the Nazis' own car?

Sherlock Holmes: One must adapt oneself to the tools at hand.

Sherlock Holmes: Christmas boxes. Watson, I'm beginning to see the plan. Dr. Tobel divided his bombsight into four parts just as we brought it back from Switzerland. He's given one section of the mechanism to each of these famous scientists. What a fascinating plan. You see, each part is useless without the other three and undoubtedly, none of these scientists is known to each other.

Professor Moriarty: Closer to the end, Holmes. Closer and closer. Each second a few more drops leave your desiccated body. And you can feel 'em can't you? You're perfectly conscious aren't you, Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes: I shall be conscious long after you're dead, Moriarty.