• Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat
    Written by Leon René, Otis René and Emerson Scott
    Played when Tweety first sees Catstello
  • California, Here I Come
    Music by Joseph Meyer
    Played when Tweety pulls the worm out of the apple
  • Rock-a-Bye Baby
    Music by Effie I. Canning
    Played when Babbit is holding Catstello in his arms
  • Don't Give Up the Ship
    Music by Harry Warren
    Played when Catstello's a Spitfire
  • I'll Pray for You
    Music by Arthur Altman
    Played when Catstello says he likes birds
  • Keep Cool, Fool
    Written by Josef Myrow and James P. Johnson
    Played when Babbit tells Catstello to give him the bird
    Played often throughout the picture
  • Hang On to Your Lids, Kids
    Music by Harold Arlen
    Played when Tweety throws Catstello a rope
  • We Did It Before (and We Can Do It Again)
    Music by Cliff Friend
    Whistled briefly by Babbit while he tends his victory garden