The character of "Marcia Marshall" is loosely based on Nancy Astor, who returned for a visit to Virginia in the 1920s after becoming the first woman member of the House of Commons.

Studio records list Clarence Badger Jr. and Phyllis Cook as solists in the "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?" number. However, that song was only sung by the Yancey family; the only soloists were Frank Morgan and Kathryn Grayson. It is possible that Morgan's voice was dubbed, but not likely for Grayson. The two in question were probably in a scene which was cut. In any case, they did not appear in the movie.

This film was a modest success for MGM at the box office earning a profit of $63,000 ($983,000 in 2017) according to studio records.

Jack's car is a 1910 Stanley model 71 Touring.

Adjusted for inflation, the $50 Robert Yancey was fined for contempt of court in 1913 would equal $1,315.53 in 2020.