John 'Kit' McKittrick: Finally here to us

Toni Donne: What is it you really want?

John 'Kit' McKittrick: The girl that looks like you shouldn't ask a question like that and you know why

Toni Donne: No, you stare at me at the refugee dinner and it wasn't just a way a man looks at a woman. You went out of your way to find who I was and where I worked. You came to the hat shop only to see me and you didn't ask me out tonight just because your lady out of town. What is it you want?

Inspector 'Toby' Tobin: Why do you want to carry a gun?

John 'Kit' McKittrick: [grins and lets out a little laugh] To shoot people with, sweetheart.

John 'Kit' McKittrick: [First Lines]

[Thinking, not speaking out loud]

John 'Kit' McKittrick: All right. Go on. Let's have it. Can you go through with it? Have you got the guts for it? Or have they knocked it out of you? Have they made you yellow?

John 'Kit' McKittrick: [Last Lines] Another sparrow fell.

Inspector 'Toby' Tobin: So long.