Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: Hey, Butch. Ya got a cigarette?

Sgt. Butch: [hands him a pack] Sure. Help yourself.

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: [examines the pack] Jap cigarettes!

Sgt. Butch: Yeah. They're half tobacco, half stinkweed.

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: Oh, well now I'll enjoy them more than ever. I thought they were *all* stinkweed.

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: As soon as our planes get here they'll be sorry. They won't look so pretty!

Pvt. Johnny 'Chicken' Anderson: Yeah, but where *are* our planes?

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: Maybe if we keep digging we'll come up someplace around Ebbets Field.

Pvt. Johnny 'Chicken' Anderson: Yeah, I'm practically standing on second base right now.

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: Hey, Tex.

Pvt. Tex Mcllvoy: Yeah?

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: Hot, ain't it?

Pvt. Tex Mcllvoy: Yeah. Hotter'n a Texas cattle call in August.

Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone: So you think it's hot, do ya?

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: Yeah.

Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone: How'd you like a nice tall glass of ice cold beer?

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: Beer! Strictly a middle class beverage. The last time I was back in Brooklyn, there was just such a night as this. We was havin' cocktails. My old lady brought 'em in, I took one taste, and boy what a kick. You know what she did?

Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone: What?

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: She took 'em out and put in another slug of gin.


Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: What a sweet old lady.

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: [In dugout waiting out a heavy artillery barrage] I don't mind the one with my name on it. It's the one that says, 'To whom it may concern' that I don't like.

[after the barrage increases]

Cpl. Aloysius T. 'Taxi' Potts: They're throwing everything at us but the kitchen stove.

Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone: [after an even louder explosion] That's the stove now!

Pvt. Johnny 'Chicken' Anderson: Hey Hook?

Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone: Yeah.

Pvt. Johnny 'Chicken' Anderson: How do you feel about killing... people?

Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone: Well, it's kill or be killed, ain't it? Besides, those ain't people.

Pvt. Johnny 'Chicken' Anderson: Yeah, I know, but the first time you got one of 'em.

Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone: Well, it was kinda rugged I guess, then it's just a matter of repetition. Quit thinking about it. You'll go crazy.

Sgt. Butch: [repeated line]

Sgt. Butch: Where's me helmet? Where's me helmet?