Chapter Titles: 1. The Sign of the Skull 2. The Man Who Never Dies 3. A Traitor's Code 4. The Seat of Judgement 5. The Ghost Who Walks 6. Jungle Whispers 7. The Mystery Well 8. In Quest of the Keys 9. The Fire Princess 10. The Chamber of Death 11. The Emerald Key 12. The Fangs of the Beast 13. The Road to Zoloz 14. The Lost City 15. Peace in the Jungle

For the DVD, Chapter 11 had to be redubbed almost entirely by a new cast of actors, because the soundtrack on the original negative had almost entirely crumbled off due to the ravages of time.

The Phantom was given the alter ego Godfrey Prescott in this serial because the name Kit Walker had not been used in the strip yet.

The gorilla, "Brutus" who fights The Phantom in chapters 12 and 13 is played by Ray "Crash" Corrigan, stuntman and the gorilla actor for Columbia Pictures, including the Three Stooges shorts where a gorilla was featured.