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  • Perhaps the original color, Italian-language version of this film is superior to the black&white, English-dubbed version released in the USA by Medallion Pictures that I'm reviewing. I hope so. THIS version, which clearly was shot in color and then developed in black and white,looks flat and has poor contrast. And there is intrusive narration telling us the plot throughout. I don't know if this was in the original, or was added to keep the amount of dubbing down, with scenes of Italian expository dialogue simply cut out of this version and never dubbed. What dubbing there is seems minimal and flat, as many early 50s films seem to be. Lex Barker looks handsome throughout, although with the turban he's wearing, only his face visible through much of the film. What a change from a few years earlier when he was Tarzan and nearly naked through an entire film! All in all, the film is not very interesting. As I said above, perhaps in color on a big screen the location photography would be impressive, and perhaps in the original language the film would play more dramatically, but this b&w English-language version is only recommended to the most devout of Lex Barker's fans. Almost any Barker European film is better than this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    American (I suspect TV) version of a German film, which I saw in black and white and which was filmed in color. As far as I can tell from comments elsewhere on the web there are a couple different versions of this film some with narration and some with out. the version I saw was narrated and had a long explanation of events that makes me think that the film was much longer than the hour and twelve minutes of this version. The plot has something to do with a great hunter falling in love with a girl who was kidnapped by members of the Thuggee cult in India. He tries to rescue her but is captured and then he makes a deal to win his freedom but in the process gets captured by British authorities who then use him as a guide since the girl is really the kidnapped daughter of a British officer. And if you think I'm giving too much away understand that that is about the first fifteen minutes of the film. Its an okay film but so much is going on and its so chopped up in the editing that it will make your head spin. I would love to know how long this film really is and what its really like. Its best described as the sort of Euro-trash film that used to play late at night on the Late Late Show because no sane mind would run earlier than 2am. In a weird way I'm in love with the film because its clearly a mess and not what was intended.I want to know what was intended. Worth a look for those who miss the Euro-trash of yesterday or for those who are curious about how movies can be cut up and repackaged. Those looking for an okay adventure can give it a shot should they run across it on TV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Plot (USA-release version): A group of religious fanatics in India, the Tughs, prey upon Europeans and natives alike, capturing and offering them up in sacrifice to their frightful goddess, Kali.

    The Governor of the Province sends Tremal Naik (Lex Barker), a famous Indian hunter,on an expedition to end the savagery. He is accompanied by Major Kennedy and Major Maffertis, the latter with a personal reason for wanting to destroy the Tughs and their sinister leader, Siodana. Maffertis, once stationed in the district with his family, is certain that his small daughter was a victim of the cult, but he has no proof and has not heard anything of her since her disappearance years ago.

    Tremal also has his own troupe made up of his faithful companions Kammamuri, Aghur and Urti, and his famed tiger Darma.

    Later, Tremal sees and falls in love with the white girl the Tughs hold captive, but she begs him to forget her and warns him of the danger to both of them if he tries to penetrate the mystery surrounding the large banyan tree where he first saw her.

    Ignoring the warning when his companion Urti is killed near the tree, Tremal discovers that it is the entrance to the temple where Ada (Jane Maxwell in the USA release)is an unwilling priestess.

    Anybody who has seen any young-white girl-lost-turns-up-years-later- as-tribal/cult-priestess can write the rest of this one. Not to mention anything that has transpired up this point.

    Mary Korman and Reed Howes did it better in 1935's QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE...minus the bad dubbing.

    Turban aside, this one beats the heck out of the Shatterhands. But, not by much.