The thirty-second of forty-seven Charlie Chan movies.

This is actually the 34th Charlie Chan film. Two were filmed in Spanish, and apparently not often counted in the English run of Charlie Chan films. They are: "Eran Trece or There were Thirteen" (1931) and "La Serpiente Roja or The Red Snake" (1937). The latter was filmed in Cuba.

This film received its earliest documented telecast in New York City Sunday 15 August 1948 on WCBS (Channel 2), in Chicago Friday 10 December 1948 on WBKB (Channel 4), in Syracuse Wednesday 13 April 1949 on WHEN (Channel 8), in Cincinnati Friday 27 May 1949 on WKRC (Channel 11), in San Francisco Tuesday 15 November 1949 on KPIX (Channel 5), in Boston Sunday 14 May 1950 on WNAC (Channel 7), and in Los Angeles Thursday 21 September 1950 on KTLA (Channel 5).

Final film of actress Daisy Bufford.