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  • Like most of their films together,the film merely serves as a device for Flanagan & Allen to deliver some of their well heeled stage routines and to provide a number of musical interludes.In this film Flanagan suffers a bump on the head,and whilst being operated on he has a number of totally unrelated dreams.The best musical number is "Dreaming".Whilst in my opinion the best films featuring the pair are those that they did with the Crazy Gang for Gainsborough nevertheless this is a very likable and entertaining film which is a pleasant memory of a legendary pair of entertainers.There are some other interesting faces in the cast including a cameo by the famous jockey Sir Gordon Richards.
  • An exhilarating phantasmagoria executed at breakneck speed by John Baxter with superb photography by Stan Pavey as Bud Flanagan slips in and out of consciousness on the operating table.

    Hazel Court pops up as everything from a dusky maiden to a Wren. A radio actor called Philip Wade gives a terrific performance as Dr Goebbels parachuted into Britain to disrupt a benefit in which the fictional characters played by Flanagan & Allan stand at the back and make comments as they watch themselves on stage.

    An absolute hoot from beginning to end!!
  • What an entertaining little film this is,fast paced and we'll acted with cameo performances from Teddy Brown and jockey Sir Gordon Richards, also archive footage of Royal Ascot and the King and Queen. Some excellent songs included in the whimsical storyline as well as superb photography, I can fully recommend a viewing.