Daffy Duck: You can't catch me, fatso, because I can hold my breath underwater practically indefinitely.

Daffy Duck: I'm not just your ordinary, meat-on-the-table duck. I'm gifted. I'm just slopping over with talent.

Daffy Duck: [2:15] Don't go for the heavy drama, huh? OK, maybe you'll be interested in a little phrenology, which is by no means the least of my many accomplishments.

Porky Pig: What do you mean phre phre phre phre... .what you said?

Daffy Duck: That means I can tell your future by feeling the bumps on your head.

Porky Pig: But I have no bumps on my head.

Daffy Duck: [hammers Porky Pig on the head with a stick] You have now, chubby! Woo hoo woo hoo!

Porky Pig: Now I've got you, ya darn ol' duck.

Daffy Duck: Duck? Don't you believe I'm a fish?

Porky Pig: No.

Daffy Duck: Cynic.