In the scene where Kharis trashes the Scripps Museum, Lon Chaney Jr. drove his fist through real glass--it was supposed to be breakaway glass, but the prop man forgot to replace it before shooting started--and a shard of it flew up and cut him through his mummy mask in his chin. In this scene, Kharis can be seen bleeding, and it's real blood.

Although there are rumors that Lon Chaney Jr.'s scenes in the "Mummy" series frequently used doubles for Chaney, director Reginald Le Borg stated that Chaney did his own scenes in this film.

According to director Reginald Le Borg in a 1989 interview, Lon Chaney Jr., as Kharis, went overboard in the scene in which he strangles Frank Reicher, although Chaney blocked the camera from picking up Reicher's reaction. The veteran actor was moaning, and exclaimed, "He nearly killed me!" According to LeBorg, Reicher was a veteran and didn't make a formal complaint, but the next day the director noticed his neck visibly bore the effects.

The opening scene introduced Kharis simply walking out of the woods with no explanation or rationale. Director Reginald Le Borg was able to talk producer Ben Pivar into shooting a prologue set in Egypt with John Carradine and George Zucco in order to give Kharis' introduction a basis in logic.

Acquanetta, who was initially cast as Ananka, slipped and fell in her first scene on the first day of shooting, suffering a slight concussion. She was replaced by Ramsay Ames.

Second of Lon Chaney Jr.'s three "Mummy" features, filmed from August 23-September 1, 1943, but not released until June 30, 1944 (copyrighted 1943) .

Lon Chaney Jnr. often said that being made up as the Mummy character was his least favourite make-up. There is a photo of the actor on set during production of "The Mummy's Ghost" where he is pinching his own nose in disgust.

Part of the original Shock Theater package of 52 Universal titles released to television in 1957, followed a year later with Son of Shock, which added 20 more features.

A Scene with Robert Lowery & the Dog at the 50 minute mark in the movie (50:30 seconds), Robert Lowery picks up the dog & says "Where is She?", puts the dog down & you hear a Sqweeky Dog Toy sound .. and the dog runs across a bridge with Lowery, after the Mummy.

This is one of a very few Universal Horror Classics where the female lead doesn't survive the film.