[first lines]

Insurance agent: [on the phone] Yeah, yeah, I know. But call me tomorrow. I gotta get outta here.

[hangs up]

Insurance agent: Hey, Tuttle. I got a date for you tonight. Dot's cousin just got into town and you and I...

Albert Tuttle: I already have an engagement. I've had it for over a month: with Cyrus J. Rutherford.

[last lines]

Matthews: Such fine coffee.

Murkil: Isn't it?

[we cut to a different scene]

Carol Dunlap: Oh, Albert!

Murkil: Would you care for the last cup of coffee, sir?

Albert Tuttle: Yes, I would. What kind of coffee is this? You know, there are two classes of coffee, Murkil. There's the percolated and there's the drip.

Murkil: This is percolated.

Albert Tuttle: Sorry, I'm a drip.

Insurance agent: Tuttle, the way you keep that nose to the grindstone, you're gonna wear out the grindstone.