Paradise: [as they are riding in the stagecoach together] You haven't said a word in the last ten miles.

Bill Blayden: Sorry, Ma'am. I don't mean to rote.

Paradise: No harm done.


Paradise: You know, you're quite good-lookin' for a dude.

Bill Blayden: [modestly] Thank you.

Bill Blayden: [to Paradise] Dad always told me never to wait for a showdown. Go out and force it.

Sheriff Potter: [to Bill Blayden] Anybody who gives up a chance to escape like you just did deserves to be trusted.

Preface: During the pioneering days of the West, some unscrupulous men, greedy for money and power, flouted the law and trampled the rights of the early settlers. But there were other men willing to risk their lives in defense of people unable to protect themselves. Such was the Durango Kid, a mysterious masked rider whose name became a byword in Texas - 1875.

Lee Kirby: [after the gang members have been warned to get out of town by 8] You boys have got nothing to worry about. They're just bluffin'.

Saloon Swamper: Maybe so, but we ain't sticking around to find out. Blayden's tough by himself, but that Durango Kid - we don't want any part of him!