Julian Julian: Do you think your wife committed suicide?

Wayne Fletcher: I don't... really know what to think.

Julian Julian: Your wife was murdered, Mr. Fletcher. I instructed her to rest before coming to my studio for tonight's experiment... and then... I seemed to receive a message from her... I knew she had come to harm. I;m sure she was trying to contact me... from the other side.

Sam Kincaid: Oh, you finally came home, didya'? Do you realize it's 7:30 and I haven't had my dinner yet?

Belle Kincaid: What I've been doing is more important than eating!

Sam Kincaid: At my age nothing's more important than eating!

Captain McCracken: Oh, by the way, just for the record, what is your real moniker?

Julian Julian: Julian.

Captain McCracken: Julian what?

Julian Julian: Julian Julian.

Captain McCracken: You're in a rut.

Captain McCracken: I owe you a vote of thanks for helping us expose Fletcher. That psychic abracadabra of yours is quite a thing.

Julian Julian: My dear fellow, the word abracadabra is anathema to the true believer in the occult.