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  • Warning: Spoilers
    PLOT & SPOILERS: Despite her efforts to secure a radio contract for the talented Hoosier Hot Shots band, Mary Parker, the band's manager, is unable to convince J. Appleton Lockwood, the president of Lockwood Radio Productions, to sign them. Band members Ezekiel "Hezzy" Abernathy, Gabe, Ken and Gil, are two months behind in their rent, and their prospects look dim until the day a letter arrives for Hezzy. The letter explains that Hezzy has been awarded ownership of the Golden Pheasant Hotel in Arizona, and that if Hezzy sends a check to a man named Ezra Simpson for $146, Simpson will send him the deed. When Mary hears the news, she persuades Lockwood's client, Oscar Berton, the advertising executive for Little Giant Soap, to produce a radio music program that will be broadcast directly from the Golden Pheasant Hotel. Mary accompanies the band to the town of Golden Pheasant, where they soon discover that the townspeople are spooked by stories about the ghost of John Bass. The Hot Shots also discover that Jimmy Benson, the nephew of Minerva Bass, is the rightful owner of the hotel, which is to be put up for public auction, and that two cattle rustlers, Noah Jones and Slim Jensen, are living in the hotel's bridal suite. Unknown to the Hot Shots, Jones and Slim created the ghost story to scare away all those they have duped into coming to the hotel to claim worthless deeds. While Jones and Slim hope to collect enough money from their scheme to buy the hotel at the upcoming auction, Jimmy learns that he will have to pay $500 in back taxes if he wishes to acquire the deed. Mary gives up on the hotel until Jimmy, hoping to attract enough paying guests to pay the back taxes, allies himself with the band and suggests that they go ahead with their plans to put on a radio show. Jones and Slim, meanwhile, plan to sabotage the Hot Shots' plans. Soon after Lockwood arrives at the hotel to supervise the production, Slim and Jones tell him about the knife-wielding ghost of John Bass and secretly drug his tea. As guests arrive for the inaugural broadcast, Jones and Slim enlist the help of Zeke Winslow, a messenger, to make ghost sounds from the cellar. Zeke, however, finds a map indicating a hidden treasure in the hotel, gives up his duties and tries to find the cache. Just before the show begins, Jimmy offers Jones and Slim jobs managing the hotel, and the two confidence artists decide to call off their plan to scare the guests. Zeke then ties the men up to keep them from meddling in his treasure hunt. Zeke and the others are soon disappointed, however, when they discover that the buried treasure consists of soap. Mary uses the discovery to her advantage by incorporating it into a plug for their sponsor, the Little Giant Soap. The show provides enough money for Jimmy to buy the hotel, and he looks forward to running it with Mary at his side.