John Hill: Did you have sort of a peculiar feeling tonight when you saw me for the first time?

Mary Hill: Very peculiar; scary.

John Hill: I don't think people should get married unless they're in love. Do you?

Mary Hill: Oh, certainly not.

John Hill: I mean, it might only be an infatuation. Then where would you be?

Mary Hill: That's right.

John Hill: When I get married, I'm going to know everything there is to know about her.

Mary Hill: Me too - about him, I mean. Like, how many lumps of sugar he likes in his coffee.

Mary Hill: I wish we had a lot of time, a whole weekend maybe. And I wish we had a little apartment, with our own fireplace and our own furniture, and our own little icebox.

John Hill: When a fella and a girl get married quickly like this, they've got to start out right, don't they?

Mary Hill: Yes, John.

John Hill: Well, that's what we're going to do, Mary. Tomorrow you find an apartment, and next weekend we'll have 36 whole hours together.

Mary Hill: For the first time I understand how my mother felt about my father.

Headwaiter: What's going on here? What happened?

Freddie Potts: Stupid boy.

Headwaiter: Shhhh! Please, not so loud. He may hear you.

Freddie Potts: But I'm a customer.

Headwaiter: Customers we got plenty. It's busboys we need.

John Hill: Hey, that's an expensive pin.

Mary Hill: You're not jealous, are you?

John Hill: Oh, after all, there must have been other men before me who fell in love with you.

Mary Hill: But you're the only one I ever fell in love with.

Mary Hill: Look, John. Isn't it wonderful? We've already got ice cubes.

John Hill: Awww. A little larger than usual, too, don't you think?

Mary Hill: Our first ice cubes.

John Hill: You lived here long?

Lisa Borescu: Not long. I'm a refugee from the Nazis.

John Hill: Oh, you must be awfully glad to get away from them?

Lisa Borescu: They are even more glad. For me, the Nazis were no match.

Lisa Borescu: You were thinking of buying the nightgown in the window for your wife?

John Hill: Oh, no, I - I...

Lisa Borescu: Ohhh, for someone else?

John Hill: Oh, no, not for anyone else. I was just looking at it, that was all.

John Hill: So it looks like you can quit your job now.

Mary Hill: Oh, you think I should?

John Hill: Well, you don't think I'm going to have my wife working, do you? It's my job now to take care of you.

Mary Hill: Oh, you're sweet.

Mary Hill: Oh, John, it's only for a few hours, and you could come along with me and wash dishes.

John Hill: You mean mess duty?

Mary Hill: Oh, I guess you wouldn't want to do a thing like that, would you?

John Hill: Well, if I'm going to be a civilian, I might as well be a good one.

Mary Hill: Oh, John, you're so wonderful.

Freddie Potts: How are you liking the domestic life? Is she a good housekeeper?

John Hill: Best one I've ever had.

Mary Hill: Oh, excuse me.

Freddie Potts: By the way, if this job of yours doesn't come through, perhaps you'd like to come to work for us? You could start at the bottom, of course.

John Hill: Well, I don't happen to have a feeling for pots.

Freddie Potts: Pots are amongst the oldest industries in the world. Civilization began with the pots.

Mr. Amboy: What firm?

Freddie Potts: Potts'.

Mr. Amboy: Potts'?

Freddie Potts: Potts' Pots.

Mr. Amboy: Never heard of it.

Freddie Potts: Founded in 1808.

Mr. Amboy: Oh, an old-fashioned pot firm.

Freddie Potts: We have satisfied housewives for 137 years.

Mr. Amboy: Oh. After the war, your pots will be out of business.

Freddie Potts: Oh, really.

Freddie Potts: Didn't it ever occur to you that I was going to ask you to marry me?

Mary Hill: But you never did.

Freddie Potts: Well, I was waiting.

John Hill: Who's Freddie?

Mary Hill: Freddie? Oh, he's just an old friend of mine. He's 4F too.

John Hill: How old?

Mary Hill: Oh, ancient. Thirty, at least.

John Hill: Do you mind if I smoke?

Lisa Borescu: Please do.

John Hill: Would you like one? It'll settle your nerves.

Lisa Borescu: Merci.

Lisa Borescu: There are two reasons why Mary will forgive you, but explaining is not one of them. She will forgive you because she loves you. She will forgive you because you love her.

Lisa Borescu: The world is too full of Poopsies, and Lisas, but of John and Mary, there are too few.

Lisa Borescu: Where did she go?

John Hill: Oh, she's having dinner with Freddie.

Lisa Borescu: Well?

John Hill: Well, how am I going to get somebody to come back to me when they don't want me any more?

Lisa Borescu: What do they teach you to do in the Navy?

John Hill: You mean I should get Mary back?

Lisa Borescu: That's right.

John Hill: You mean I should punch that guy right in the nose?

Lisa Borescu: Exactly!

John Hill: It'll be a pleasure.

Mary Hill: Don't people ever get married suddenly during peacetime?

Freddie Potts: Not people in their right mind.

Mary Hill: Well, when you're in love I don't think you are in your right mind.

Freddie Potts: I'm always in my right mind.

Lisa Borescu: But I am bringing your wife's nightgown

[presenting a package to John]

Lisa Borescu: .

John Hill: Oh, it's too late, Lisa

[sitting down in a chair]

John Hill: .

Lisa Borescu: Oh, it's never too late for a beautiful nightgown

[setting package on John's lap]

Lisa Borescu: .

Mary Hill: [Opening door to leave] And what's more, Freddie Potts, I'm going to tell your mother on you!

John Hill: Where did she go?

Freddie Potts: How should I know? She's your wife.

John Hill: Oh, he finally came to that conclusion, huh

[grabbing Freddie by the elbow]

John Hill: ?

Freddie Potts: Now, now, now, now, now. Let's remember that we're gentlemen.

John Hill: Since when do gentlemen send other men's wives minks coats?

Freddie Potts: Mink. Mink coat.

John Hill: If I were in love with another man's wife and I thought it would do me any good, I'd give her a fur coat; if I thought it would do me any good.